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Well it’s that time of year again!

The gathering of the faithful in Lancaster MA, a good day out to rekindle the fires of vintage bike comraderie. Or some such nonsense.

Plenty of parking, a nice venue and some snacks if you’re feeling peckish.





It looks like the RGM kickstart levers are back in production so I will get some back on the shelf if there is any interest.

Last time around they were about $250 and I think they have stayed about the same. 

Longer than oem (approx 10″) for easier kicking and give more muffler clearance.

email me at : if you would like one as I would like to gauge interest before placing an order

Interesting new Motorcycle tech

Posted: January 11, 2019 in British Bikes

Ok, it’s not old bike news but after seeing this video I had to post it somewhere.

An autonomous motorcycle is weird enough but this thing doesn’t use a gyro to stabilise the bike or the guidance, it just uses the controls as a rider would. 


Mind blown….


Evolution of the motorcycle…

Posted: January 3, 2019 in British Bikes


by Geoff Seddon

(“The Evolution of the Motorcycle” is reproduced from Ozbike Thunder Down Under, an Australian lifestyle magazine.)

On the first day, God created the Heavens, the Earth, and the Wisemans Ferry Road. But He wasn’t too happy, His Kingswood (automobile) would sway on the corners, crawl up the hills, and use heaps of juice.

On the second day, God took a new tack, and created the step through. He enjoyed the wind in His hair (He hadn’t created helmets then), it was fun, and used bugger-all petrol, but it still crawled up the hills.

On the third day, God created the Honda Four, and it flew up the hills. With four into ones, it sounded better, it never broke down, but the corners remained a problem. Yet He had tasted power, and craved for more.

Thus, on the fourth day, He added two more cylinders to His Honda, and created adrenaline. His insurance premiums doubled, and it cost a fortune to get the tappets done. He also created fear (His hair turned white), and the cliché “enough is enough”.

On the fifth day, God blew a couple of joints, had rap with Willie G., and created the Harley Davidson. He would cruise up and down the hills in top gear, and pick up heaps of babes. He would get off on the note. But the Hog was too heavy, broke down a lot and handled like the Kingswood.

Then, on the sixth day, He made the Bonneville. He would still pick up babes outside Wisemans Pub, and it sounded good. His bike was light, and for the first time, the corners were fun. It handled! God was stoked. But the vibration gave Him a pain in the arse, His kidneys were history, it was a touch gutless and He ran out of juice every 100 miles. He wasn’t happy, but shit, He was close.

So finally, on the seventh day, God produced a motorcycle with the speed of a Honda, the torque of a Harley and the handling of a Triumph. He could afford the petrol, tune it Himself, pick up chicks and still blow off Ducatis through the corners. He called His bike Norton, and He was happy.

Rat Bike w Lister D 1936

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