Tiddler Tour July 2018

Posted: July 10, 2018 in British Bikes

Well, we were invited to take part in the Roper family Tiddler Tour so we jumped at the chance. 

As it turned out we had an incredibly full and fun day. Gorgeous weather, outstanding roads, great company, a breakdown and consequent repair and met some interesting people along the way.



Before starting we followed our usual fitness regimen of resting


About an hour or so into the tour Murphy’s Law reared its ugly head and one of the bikes in our bunch finally gave up the ghost after about 15 minutes of suspect behaviour.

After we took a look at what we were up against, the decision was to just relax for a few minutes and then see what we could do. As we were off the road but parked in someone’s driveway I fulled expected the property owner to come out with the usual pitchfork and torch to drive us away. Sure enough a guy comes down the driveway and we figure we’re about to get rousted. Instead he says “hey I have a Triumph, whattya need?? 

Of all the places to stop, we lucked out to find the guy who has motorcycles, has raced at Daytona (and elsewhere) on a Ducati no less  and also has a bunch of tools! After we rolled the bike into the garage we poked and prodded the wiring enough to figure out the problem was in the dopey headlight master switch, which is a never ending source of aggravation. It’s the Italian / European type switch that uses an old nail for a key. Anyway the terminal screws backed off (which they are wont to do) and let the electrons do what they like to do when you’re not looking, which is nothing.

So we traded some lies stories with our new best friend Kip , his daughters brought us some welcome refreshment and we had a great old time until we shook hands and got on our bikes and chugged away.

BTW, he did show us his Triumph which incredibly enough was a very nice Triumph Hurricane which has been patiently waiting under a cover for years next to a nice Honda CBR. I hope we encouraged him enough to get the Hurricane back on the road as they are real attention getters.

Since I seem to be blathering on here, I’d also like to point out that this kind of thing is sort of what made motorcycling so enjoyable when I was a kid. You were  always riding something that was a little edgy so breakdowns were not a rare occurrence. Somehow you always met some interesting people with stories to tell and more often than not you got back on your way in short order. I can’t think of an instance where people weren’t helpful.

Made me start to think that maybe humans weren’t so bad after all….



So at the lunch stop we had the usual chore of replacing missing parts but it all went pretty smoothly in the Subway parking lot. 


Since we had lost a bunch of time with repairs we immediately set out for the afternoon run and had a speedy dice with a few of the other riders on some excellent roads.

Back at the Roper’s house we indulged in some adult refreshment and an absolutely smashing buffet dinner under a tent. 

Huge thanks to Amy Doug and Dave Roper for putting on the event and allowing us to have one of the best motorcycling days ever.

Thanks again to all, and to all a good night.





Here’s some video form cranland 2018, a local experimental aircraft club transformed a cranberry bog into a short field airport. This event is from Farther’s day 2018.

Local pilot and allaround nice guy Bob Trinque flew in with his C45 Twin Beech done up in Army livery. Not bad flying to plop it down on a 1700′ runway.

A few classic cars and bikes rounded out the show.





Here’s a short clip from the show field of the British Bike Day, some old nails and modern bikes too.

There’s a kinda weird Triumph that keeps turning up and I’m sure you’ll figure out the one I mean.

Good day overall, not a huge turnout but that’s the way these things are going.


Just a reminder that the Brit bike meet in Lancaster MA is this Sunday, looks like we’re going to have good weather; no rain in the forecast!!!

Stop by our Commando Specialties area, I will bring my 1977 Triumph Jubilee that’s up for sale and Jamie is bringing his 250 Triumph fresh from restoration.


Along with our new Commando parts I will be clearing out some rubbish  Err I mean desirable patinated valuable, gems from my home garage to sell.

Stop by for a chat and have look around, it’s a great day’s entertainment

This past weekend we went to Vermont for the Moto Giro East and had a wet but enjoyable time. 

Quite a bit of mud and rain but we did get some some relief during the two days so it could have been worse.

There is a link in the You Tube description for a short video of the run up through Smuggler’s Notch which is no mean feat on a wheezy little Giro bike!


Also remember June 10th is coming up for the British bike get together in Lancaster MA



I am hesitant to use the current buzzwords like epic, awesome, etc but my Good Lord in Heaven, you have to see this video.

I follow Shmee150 and sometimes to be honest he comes across as a privileged tosser (sorry) but in the end he puts down the money for some fabulous cars and shares the experience with us commoners who will never ever have the opportunity or means to do likewise. 

Tim my hat is off to you and your crew for absolutely nailing the experience of driving a supercar in a super part of the world and bringing us along for the ride.

Top marks indeed!


(and I apologize for the privileged tosser remark)

Who doesn’t like Mario, I mean really?